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The Law Office of Tia E. Jensen, P.A. will provide you alternatives to traditional courtroom battles.  No Retainers! Low hourly rates!

Unbundled Legal Services. You pay only for the legal services you need.  This service includes, but is not limited to; legal education for both partners/spouses; filling out legal forms; drafting motions or other pleadings; helping you prepare for court; or general advice about your case.

Collaborative Divorce.  team approach to divorce to gain a positive resolution to your case.  You never go to court!  Discreet, dignified and cost-effective.

Alternative Dispute Resolution.  We discuss alternatives to going to court, such as, mediation, cooperative negotiations, and kitchen table agreements and legal coaching.

Divorce/Dissolution In the State of Florida, the formal term for a divorce is "dissolution". Divorce or "dissolution" is governed by laws. Those laws are found in the Florida Statutes and the case law from the courts that interpret the statutes. The major areas for dissolution are "equitable distribution" (your assets and debts), alimony, "time-sharing" of the children (formerly "custody"), child support, and attorney’s fees.

Paternity/Father's Rights This is an action non-married parents of a child(ren) file to establish the legal rights of the parties. Those rights include time-sharing and other parental responsibilities of the child(ren). 

Modification of Custody/Time-Sharing Please call to schedule an appointment to evaluate whether custody/time-sharing can be modified from the either the final judgment or last order.

Modification of Alimony/Child Support Please call to schedule an appointment to evaluate whether alimony and/or child support can be modified from the either the final judgment or last order.

Relocation  Please call to schedule an appointment to evaluate whether relocation is an option in your case.

Out of State Custody Orders/Decrees I do not practice law outside of the state of Florida. There are certain situations where out of state custody orders can be recognized in Florida or if there are emergency issues.

Emergency Pick Up/Child Custody Orders  Please call to evaluate the law and whether you have an "emergency" under the law. 

Domestic Violence Injunctions As a former prosecutor, I prosecuted domestic violence crimes. As a family law attorney, I again prosecuted such crimes or the threat of crimes in court. I defended those who were falsely accused of violence, wherein people have attempted to use the system in an attempt to gain an advantage in a dissolution or paternity case.  Please call if you need advice about an injunction hearing.

Conclusion and My Services I will be able to advise and guide you as to the law and procedures for your family law case.  We value those who trust us with the most important aspects of their lives – family and their future.


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